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OptiLife 2 is designed to provide extended mileage, improved handling performance and better grip. Show Less

OptiLife 2 is designed to provide extended mileage, improved handling performance and better grip.

  • TredLife Technology

    Wider tread profile with a carbon base delivers longer lasting tread

    Wider face cavity

    Ensures a cooler running temperature therefore loweing fuel consumption

    Enhanced pattern design

    Features high level biting edges with large shoulder blocks which enhance grip, traction & braking

  • Goodyear's OptiLife 2, incorporating Tredlife Technology, features special tread compounds and equalised pressure distribution across the tyre footprint, providing more even tread wear and extended mileage. Also integral is the improved handling performance and better grip on wet and dry road so consumers can drive with confidence. Additionally, the construction of the tyre has been enhanced to provide greater fuel efficiency which we know consumers value.

  • Section width
    Aspect Ratio
    Position (wheels)
    Measuring rim
    Tread depth (mm)
    Overall width
    Speed rating
    Load index
    Rim Diameter (inch)
    Overall Diameter (mm)
    Static Loaded Radius (mm)
    Revs per km
5/ 5 · 20 reviews
Aug 13
I thought at the time that full set of tyres were cheaper.
Aug 13
They work well
Bill Osborne
Aug 12
the right price,
Aug 12
Good tyres so far
Maria Diacoyannis
Aug 12
quiet and comfortable
May 20
Relatively new so will wait and see.
David Brown
May 14
Great value for money product
May 13
Great tyres
B Grob
May 13
Theses are great tyres that have had to travel very long distances weekly and are wearing very well.
Maureen McAuliffe
May 13
Great service.Great product.Great knowledge.
May 13
Excellent tyre for burnout competition's
Marea Phillips
May 13
u always get me the best tyres that last the longest
Georgian Vasilescu
Mar 02
Great product and value for money
Hayley Mayne
Feb 27
Great value for money and good quality
Feb 27
Handle in the wet well
Steve Ulbrich
Feb 27
Good tyre good price
Philip AL Ayeck
Feb 27
Great type for daily uses
Feb 21
Quality tyres
David and Chyna Willcox
Feb 20
They are great and I am so pleased Dave recommended them
Joanne Taylor
Feb 20
I am not a Tyre connoisseur however these tyres provide quality and value, not the cheapest going around but very reasonably priced!