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Eagle NCT5 (ECO)
Eagle NCT5 (ECO)
Eagle NCT5 (ECO)
Eagle NCT5 (ECO)


  • Mileage

  • Fuel Economy

  • Grip Performance

A luxury touring tyre designed as original equipment on a range of premium vehicles

  • Eco Technology

    Provides exceptional rolling resistance

    Silica Tread Compound

    Superior braking, cornering and handling in wet and dry conditions

    Spiral Overlay Construction

    Handling precision & even wear for maximised mileage

    4 Circumferential Grooves

    Resistance to aquaplaning for better control in the wet

    Solid Centre Ribs

    Improved high speed stability & control providing added comfort when on a highway

    Computer Generated Tread Sequence

    Improved comfort through minimised noise levels

  • The Eagle NCT5 Eco is a luxury touring tyre endorsed by major car manufacturers as original equipment. The Eco technology featuring silica based tread compound reduces the amount of energy required to make the tyre roll. This reduces the rolling resistance of the tyre, which can contribute to enhanced fuel economy.

  • Section width
    Aspect Ratio
    Position (wheels)
    Measuring rim
    Tread depth (mm)
    Overall width
    Speed rating
    Load index
    Rim Diameter (inch)
    Overall Diameter (mm)
    Static Loaded Radius (mm)
    Revs per km
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