• Welcome to Goodyear New Zealand

Our Promise To You

Goodyear New Zealand is completely committed to delivering exceptional customer service. As a valued Goodyear New Zealand customer, you can expect the highest standard of service every time you visit any of our stores nationwide.

The Goodyear New Zealand Customer Service Guarantee

  1. We will check your vehicle and give you an honest appraisal of the work required.
  2. We will give you an all-inclusive fixed price quote before starting any work on your vehicle.
  3. We will preserve your car’s condition and always fit protective seat covers.
  4. We will ensure that only qualified professionals work on your car.
  5. We will notify you immediately if experiencing any complications or delays.
  6. We will offer to show you the work we've done on your car when finished.

Questions & Comments

We value your honest feedback. If the service you receive at any of our Goodyear New Zealand stores is not up to your expectations, please let us know.

You can speak to the store manager, or contact us by post or phone.